We realize that the Internet is maintained by people of varying backgrounds, beliefs and cultures, and the content of the Internet reflects this. We believe that artistic freedom, freedom of speech and privacy is a right.

However, there is content that is historically considered to be potentially harmful and dangerous to individuals, intellectual properties or businesses. We must stay within reasonable standards in order to provide high-class service and to protect ourselves and our clients. We reserve the right to determine what this content is and will base this on historical cause and effect, rather than personal judgements.

It is for this reason that we require our customers to fully indemnify PlayNet Web Hosting from any legal, moral and/or ethical responsibilities with regards to their content. If a complaint is submitted to PlayNet Web Hosting regarding the content of a customer's site, we reserve the right to take action in any form necessary and allowed by law.

We do not tolerate the following content or actions:

Any content that is sexually explicit, or of a violent nature will not be allowed.

Illegal Content
Many people believe that software is overpriced. Regardless of that belief, the software owners have the right to charge whatever they deem appropriate for the products they develop. Sites allowing anyone to download or have access to copyrighted software will not be allowed. This includes, but not limited to, pirated software or pirated media, or stolen copyrighted material.

Hate Sites
Content of a libelous or slanderous nature.

Anyone who attempts to use our servers for hacking into another server either on our network or another network will be immediately suspended.

A Spammer is someone who sends thousands of UNSOLICITED emails to Internet users for advertising purposes or to sell a service or product. An individual user can have his/her emailbox flooded with advertisements for products they didn't want information on. The user can waste a lot of time filtering through and deleting these emails.

Usually, but not always, the content is pornographic in nature, which is a violation of privacy if you don't want to see this content.

The communcations companies that bring us connectivity to the Internet do not allow SPAM, therefore, hosting a spammer gives PlayNet Web Hosting a bad name on the Internet.

For clarification, a spammer sends UNSOLICITED emails to people who ARE NOT their customers. If you want to send unsolcited emails to YOUR CUSTOMERS that is fine.

However, some questions need to be asked. Do they know they are a customer? Are you trying to sell them something or merely sending an announcement? Do they have a means of getting off your list if they request it?

We have many users on our site. What if a user decides to ignore this policy and spam anyway?

We are reasonable and we take this into consideration. We will ask you to inform the user of the policy and make sure it does not happen again. It they continue to send unsolicited messages your account will be in jeopardy. We strongly discourage customers giving users free web space, email accounts or auto responders. This is breeding ground for spammers.

Are you saying though that there is a limit to what kind of legal business I can talk about on my Web site?

Not at all! You can use your Web site for any legal purpose (adult sites excluded). You just cannot use UNSOLICITED email to advertise services or products.

We would also like to say that computer networks ARE NOT 100% secure. Nothing is completely secure. PlayNet Web Hosting will do absolutely everything possible to protect your data, we cannot 100% guarantee its safety. To do so would be absurd in any situation. But you can be assured that we exercise practices that are far above the standard.

If you feel that you have witnessed or been the victim of abuse within our network or any server within our control, please contact us.